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Royal Canadian Legion Branch



Not for naught are we called “The Last Water Hole West” especially during The Calgary Exhibition and Stampede! For many years we have won the award of “Best Stampede Spirited Club!” Of course there is a great story behind how we are able to claim that award. The painting above covers the entire east wall of the main canteen, but the rest of the canteen bar is built just like a real western saloon. Come in, take a look and enjoy our superb hospitality. We have Breakfasts and Steak Dinners manned by our branch volunteers as well as enjoy a whole wagon train full of other western style events!

For all activities we are open to the public  – check us out.



It raised close to $800.00 in total so a decent win for 50/50.


Thanks to our wonderful Stampede Committee we did it again! The Branch won the Award for the Best Stampede Spirited Club from the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede Committee.


 Various Breakfasts Crew Members

Darlene and Myrna

Branch Manager, Susan waits to be the first to taste the culinary masterpieces. Jim Balsillion (his back) tossing the sausages and spuds while Paul (with apron) prepares to flip an egg without breakage!

It can get pretty darn hot working those huge BBQs. So to all the meal crews our thanks for your skills and stamina!

Seniors Stampede Breakfast in the cool of the air conditioned canteen.

Note this is the only time (Stampede) when anyone can wear a hat – but they have to be western hats or a reasonable facsimile.

The Stampede Committee’s 1950s wall as a coffee shop with sidewalk and other shops.

What a great idea! Listing all the bands at Stampede as “Wanted” Posters.

And they’re off! Our Chuck Wagon Races are very popular.

Just like the real Stampede the tarps of the wagons can be bought by members as well as local businesses.


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